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Release Rediska 0.5.7

August 29, 2012

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to close all issues, this release came out thanks to contributors. The work on Rediska 2 is now in progress, stay connected.

  • Add Rediska package to Composer. Marc Abramowitz
  • Add to Travis CI. Marc Abramowitz
  • Info object. Robert Allen
  • Implement ZREVRANGEBYSCORE. Sergey Cherepanov
  • Implement PING. Robert Allen
  • Socket functions support. New connection option: useSocket. Ruan Chunping
  • Add $prepend to autoloader
  • Transactions and tags support for Zend Cache backend. Robert Allen
  • Fix unserializing "numeric like" string. Netweaver
  • Fix redis invalid argument error in Rediska::popFromListBlocking with $pushToKey argument and many connections
  • Fix profiler option can't get a string

Have a nice day!


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